This site is owned and operated by Barrett Pashak, a Canadian devoted to the promulgation of Constantin Brunner's thought.


Discontented with the course of my life, I decided at a certain point to consciously strive to find some kind of solid foundation. From the outset I intuitively felt that Christ must somehow be central to any thinking about fundamental values. I am not a religious person, indeed my background is anti-religious. Nevertheless, I have always been drawn to the person of Christ. He always seemed to me to speak the truth about the world and the people in it. I read very widely in the literature about Christ, but I didn't find anything that really portrayed the depth that I sensed in him. Nevertheless I kept looking. One day I did a computer library search on the keywords "philosophy" and "Christ". I drew about 100 titles. One title immediately struck me: Our Christ: the revolt of the mystical genius. I was excited because the title seemed to promise a work of some originality. I soon made the trip to the library and started to read the book. From the first, I knew that I had at last found what I had long sought, a book that presented Christ in his full majesty and stripped of all moralizing, metaphysical and religious mumbo-jumbo. And I found far more. It was a revelation, a revolution. At last I had something to which I could attach myself with full conviction. I looked for more about Brunner. And I couldn't believe what I found. Science, philosophy, mysticism, social analysis, all conveyed in perfect, simple, practical ways. I had my foundation.