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Our Christ / Constantin Brunner: p. 78.

Aside from being born of human parents, man has dreamt of four ways of human birth, namely: directly from God, as Adam and Melchizedek; from man alone, as Eve; from woman alone, as Christ, Sargon and Romulus; or from apes. No examples of notable individuals from this latter line will be given, as this descent from the apes actually has a great inherent probability-at the very least!-for our entire species. In any event, our kinship with the apes remains undeniable; it seems absolutely justified that from the standpoint of natural science we class ourselves together with the ape in the order of the primates. As nothing is so like us in appearance as the ape (the man-ape and the satan-ape) so are we apes with respect to imitation: our society, our knowledge, our material culture, our ability to live depend upon our capacity for imitation.
Brunner makes clear that he has no anthropocentric prejudice about associating man with ape.