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Science, spirit, superstition / Constantin Brunner: p. 218.

Concerning that which is the basic thought in the theory of evolution: that the lower species progressively become higher ones.... Without enlarging upon the fact that the lowest species would have to be the void, the chaos-void, since world evolution necessarily implies world-origin, I shall here confine myself to pointing out that as little as the 'intelligence', the understanding of a species can develop and perfect itself in the sense of making it a new intelligence (compare our disquisitions on the theory of motion in the thinkers), just so little, in such sense, can the species be perfected. The assertion that in nature's programme the less perfect is always followed by the more perfect, would indicate the most sublime understanding and the most commendable moral character in our good mother nature of our present day, causing her to outshine in virtue our former good father God.1

No, all existences are equal--rapid motion is not more accomplished than slow motion--and all are always present in the connexus of the whole--all degrees of motional velocity are always present and infinity never is bigger or smaller. The philosophy of Becoming is wrong--the only concerns of philosophy are Being and relative becoming.2

1Mother nature does things better and better. Already she has advanced so far as to create man, and now--comes superman. Not lightly--to let you in on the deep-hidden secret--not lightly, in discovering our resemblance to the ape, could we have demeaned ourselves so much without seeing to it that we were spirited up again by at least the same amount into the noble similarity--superman can be no other than man himself. Thus he develops...

2Our knowledge becomes the more nebulous the more complex the motional processes are and the less they manifest themselves as locomotion, also, the more powerful in this obscurity will grow superstition. Therefore those who think with the greatest scientific purity are the real physicists, the mechanists (in mathematics, astronomy, acoustics, optics, electrical sciences); much more precarious is the state of the biologists with their evolutionism.

Brunner on evolution.